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Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat

The all-round sustainable development of the nation depends upon comprehensive and integrated progress of all the segments of its society specially the backward and deprived ones. The strength of the society also lies in an equitable harmonious social fabric based upon its cultural ethos and values.

With this perspective in view Sewa Bharati was founded by a devoted social worker and senior Pracharak Shri Vishnu Kumar an engineering graduate from Bangalore in a slum in Delhi teaching 4-5 kids.

It works especially among the economically weaker and socially backward sections and the tribal and indigenous communities in India to make them self-reliant and participant in the development of the nation. It generates in them a feeling of confidence and self-esteem. It also strives towards creating an environment of harmony and social equity in the society.

In order to achieve these objectives Sewa Bharati organizes several educational, vocational, healthcare and socio-cultural programs for these communities.

To create cultural linkages with Indians abroad Sewa Bharati promotes their association with its activities.

The strength of Sewa Bharati is its character. It is a people’s program run by dedicated men and women from the community who devote their time, energy and money to this noble cause. They come from all sections of society-medical, teaching, banking, bureaucracy, business, industry.

A small group of dedicated full time workers assist them in managing the activities of the organization.

"The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them.” ― Swami Vivekananda

ewa Bharati has all India jurisdiction. For the purpose of efficiency and convenience different areas/states have their own Sewa Bharati organisations-all registered separately. Earlier Madhya Pradesh was one unit. Now the state of Madhya Pradesh has 3 separate Sewa Bharati units-Madhya Bharat, Mahakoshal and Malwa.

Sewa Bharati (Madhya Bharat) has its headquarter at Bhopal. It is a non-governmental non-profit organization registered under the M.P. SOCIETY REGISTRIKARAN ADHINIYAM, 1973 registration  No. 376/90 since 9th October 1990






Sewa Bharati has established schools, hostels, Sanskar Kendra and Vocational Training centres.


Sewa Bharti providing various healthcare facilities like mobile dispensary,physiotherapy centre,Neurotherapycentre etc.

Social security

Sewa Bharati has undertaken programs for three sections of community needing assistance – Abandoned infants.

Vocational training

Sewa Bharti providing various vocational training like computer training,Tailoring/Embroidery training and self help training for womens.

socio-cultural activities

A number of socio-cultural programs are organised on various occasions to promote national integration, social and cultural harmony.

Project management

Sewa Bharati is a people’s program. As mentioned above it is running several projects spread over many districts.


Various organisation associated with our programs like Sewa International Delhi,Rashtriya Sewa Bharati Delhi etc


If any institution or other body is willing to donate the amount in Sewa Bharti Madhya Bhopal.They can sent amount of donation by Cheque/Draft.

  • Vocational training

    Tailoring/Embroidery training: A certificate of proficiency is issued by Government of Madhya

  • Vocational training

    Tailoring/Embroidery training: A certificate of proficiency is issued by Government of Madhya

  • Vocational training

    Tailoring/Embroidery training: A certificate of proficiency is issued by Government of Madhya



Our Mission & Our Vision


Serve the society specially the deprived and needy through educational, vocational, healthcare and socio-cultural programs focussing on self reliance, self confidence, self esteem, equality, social harmony and promotion and protection of their cultural values.


Creation of a socially harmonious cohesive self reliant society cherishing the ideals of Indian cultural values of equity, love and universal brotherhood through Sewa, Sanskaar and Samrasata.


Following organisations are associated with our programs