About Us

Our Mission


Serve the society specially the deprived and needy through educational, vocational, healthcare and socio-cultural programs focussing on self reliance, self confidence, self esteem, equality, social harmony and promotion and protection of their cultural values.

Our Vission

Creation of a socially harmonious cohesive self reliant society cherishing the ideals of Indian cultural values of equity, love and universal brotherhood through Sewa, Sanskaar and Samrasata.


  1. Organize the society for all-round development.
  2. Work for development of tribal and deprived sections of the society.
  3. Work for equity and equality in the society.
  4. Support and establish schools, healthcare centres, cultural centres, vocational programs, women and children empowerment programs.
  5. Promote and protect Indian and tribal culture and social values.
  6. Create cultural linkages with Indians abroad.

Administration and Management

General body :Sewa Bharati has its own constitution. It provides for a General body comprising Patrons, life members, ordinary members and honorary members. It meets at least once a year to review the working of the organization and to approve the budget and balance sheet of the organization.

Management committee :A management committee consisting of 13 members is responsible for the day to day functioning of the organisation. The members are elected from amongst the members of the general body. It has a tenure of 3 years. It has a President, 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 6 members.

There is dedicated staff for administration, financial management, and internal audit.

















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