Education is the most basic requirement for the social and economical progress. Giving due consideration to the need of target-population, the volume of works, the problems likely to be faced, different strategies are used for these educational programmes.

Tribal Hostel- Tribal boys and girls who have completed their primary school education, are required to go to the towns for their middle & secondary education. Lack of transport, Lodging and boarding facilities and economic constraints of parents keep these children away from continuing their education.

In order to tackle this problem Sewa Bharti is running separate hostels for tribal boys and girls in different places (cities or towns) of the states. Special efforts are being put to start more and more Hostels for girls as the literacy rate amongst tribal females in the region is very low say about 6-7 percent. Further social outllok towards girls education and parents hesitation to keep their ward away from their home, demand tactful approach and skill to convince free lodging boarding and education facilities. Every hostel has one karyakarta who guides and controls the students. Different types of programmes are arranged from time to time to develop personality of inmates of these hostels.

The selection of these boys and girls is based on their performance in the board exam and a selection test. The present strength of students- 51 students at Tribal Boys Hostel, Bhopal, 54 students at Tribal Boys Hostel, Shivpuri, 118 students at Excellence Boys Hostel Gwalior and 70 girls students at Tribal Girls Hostel, Guna.

Residential High School, Dabra- considering the difficulties experienced in finding school facility at different places, Sewa Bharti is ruing a project called “Residential School” where tribal boys are admitted. As the name suggest this project provides facility of residence and schooling under one Roof. Schooling facility is being looked after by the principal along with subject teachers and residential facility is being looked after by warden with the supportive staff. The strength of school during the academic year 2016-17 is 171 students.

Sewa Vidya Mandir- In Bhopal, on the land of 12,000 sq. ft. a 3 storied building with 10000 sq. ft. carpet area has been constructed for “Sewa Vidya Mandir” This is a co-ed school for boys and girls of Sewa Bastis (slum areas) from families which have very small earnings. The school is equipped with all facilities like science laboratory, library, computer lab and a large play ground. The teaching staff is dedicated and well qualifies. This year the result of Board Examination of 10th and 8th class was 100%, most of the students passed with good marks. The strength of school during the academic year 2016-17 is 414 students.

Few students have been provided monetary assistance to continue their higher studies like Engineering, MBA, MCA etc. In some cases school children have been provided with necessary school books, stationary, uniform, bags etc.

Sewa Bharti is also running Balwadi, Sanskar Kendra and coaching centre in slum area.  

S.No. Name of Centre Project Place
1 Computer Centre 3  Bhopal
2 Typing Centre 3  Bhopal
3 Stitching 19  Bhopal, Guna, Ashok Nagar, Shivpuri, Gwalior
4 Saving Group 171  Bhopal, Gwalior, Raisen
5 Embroidery 1  Bhopal
6 Beauty Parlor 1  Bhopal
7 Tribal Boys Hostel 1  Bhopal
8 Tribal Boys Hostel 1  Shivpuri
9 Tribal Girls Hostel 1  Guna



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