Sewa Bharati is awakening the spirit of dedication in Corona Era

2021-05-27 To 2021-05-27

To protect India from the terrible wave of Corona, a lot of efforts are being made by the government, society and administration as well as Sewa Bharti. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has started many projects of service across the country, while the society is being served by Sewa Bharti. Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat President shri Gopal Krishna Ji Godani said that the incredible service is being done by Sewa Bharti in Madhya Bharat Prant. Provincial Secretary Shri Vimal Ji Tyagi said, The volunteers of Sewa Bharti are sincerely engaged in public service.

Sewa Bharti Bhopal Distributed 1966 Packets Ration - 

Sewa Bharti Bhopal is making efforts that no person in the slums should sleep hungry due to lack of food. An action plan for distribution of ration materials was prepared under the guidance of organization officials. Now the volunteers of Sewa Bharti Bhopal are distributing ration materials in the Sewa Basti. The needy families are being identified in the settlements by the Inspector sisters of Sewa Bharti Sanskar Kendra. Volunteers of Sewa Bharti are making groups and providing ration materials directly to the gates of the identified houses. So far, 1966 ration packets have been distributed by 6 different Mandal's of Bhopal. Apart from this, 150 patients and their families are continuously being fed by the Sewa Bharti Guru Nanak Mandal, around the cancer hospital and other hospitals.

Tasting, Tracking, Medicines and Oxygen are being distributed for everyone's health -

Sewa Bharti has provided medical services exclusively for the well-being of all patients in Bhopal. Sewa Bharti Bhopal Health Chief Mr. Dinesh Sharma informed that Oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, thermal scanner, vaporizer services have been provided by Sewa Bharti in Bhopal. The doctors associated with Sewa Bharti are tracking and testing in the slums. Facility of vehicle service has been provided for medical testing and vaccination. So far, 1110 people have been given online medical counseling by 20 doctors. Medical kits have been provided to 466 people through the Sewa Bharti Help Desk.

Sisters of Mahila Mandal are boosting morale of Corona victims through Durbhash Mitra Abhiyan -

The home isolated corona patients are being counseled and being boosted their morale by the Durbhash Mitra campaign launched by Sewa Bharti Bhopal Mahila Mandal. In order to maintain the self-confidence of patients, the sisters of Seva Bharati are trying so that they should receive positive energy.

7328 Corona affected people have been counseled so far through Sewa Bharti Durbhash Mitra. The infected patients who have received counseling are also winning the war against Corona with the help of their strong self-confidence.

Volunteers are Serving Gau Mata -

In the midst of a crisis arising due to corona infection, Swayamsevak are arranging feed of Gau Mata too. Convenor of Sewa Bharti Bhopal, Mr. Karan Singh Kaushik informed that green fodder is being arranged from the rural areas by volunteers, they are being sent to the Gaushala in Bhopal. Till now, in addition to green fodder, 2 trolley husks and 14 sacks of grain have also been arranged for the cowshed. This sensitivity of volunteers in times of crisis is a great example of high human values.

Kovid Care Center, distribution of food and ration materials, mask distribution, blood donation and public awareness services are being run by Seva Bharti in Madhya Pradesh. Volunteers are making a lot of efforts with full dedication to get the society out of the crisis. Teams constituted for distribution of ration materials, telephone friends and medical services in Mahanagar Bhopal are doing commendable work.
                                              Mr. Ramendra Singh
                                  Madhya Region Organization Minister, Sewa Bharti