Project Management

Sewa Bharti’s Project Officer, Project Coordinator (Sponsorship), assisted by Project Coordinator (Hostel), Project Coordinator (Education) along with  Teachers of the education project, community counselling team, counsellor, other associates will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the program.

Follow up will be made on a day-to-day basis, with the constant monitoring support. Weekly Meeting among members, Monthly Report (System we have already) will help us to monitor and follow up the work. Regular Visit, feed-back from teachers, students, parents also help us to the same.   

Monitoring documents will include: day to day follow up reports, weekly plans, monthly reports, minutes of the meeting, held with the teachers / staff, beneficiaries and parents; case profiles of the children; reports of home visit; reports of counselling sessions; follow up report, Which we are maintaining regularly.

Every project like Matruchhaya, Ananddham, School, Hostel has its own management committee along with project staff. The committee members are from the local community. The committee looks after the administrative and financial management of the project.

Bhopal city has been geographically divided into 4 zones (mandals) covering 220 out of about 545 slum localities (Sewa basti). Each has its own management committee. They have their own bank accounts. They undertake various socio-cultural programs, run vocational and counselling centres and sanskar Kendra. Special programs are organized for youth, both girls and boys.

Women have a special role in the efficient implementation of our programs. A separate women wing “Mahila mandal”for each mandal has been formed.

S.No. Name Post Occupation Mobile No. Address
1. Shri Gopal Krishan Godani President Business 9300131991 C-20, BDA Colony, Kohefiza Bhopal
2. Dr. M.K. Shukla Vice President Retd. (IPS Police) 9425013655 Blue Bird-2, Premium Bungalow, Akriti Ecocity, Bawadiya Kalan, Bhopal
3. Dr. Smt. Kiran Sejwar Vice President Govt. Doctor 9425171235 B-17, Char Imli. Bhopal
4. Shri Nirmal Das Narang Vice President Social Worker 9425481714 C/o Narang Rice Mill, Dabra,  District Gwalior (M.P.) Pin- 475110
5. Shri Vimal Kumar Tyagi Secretary Businessman 9425026767 A-439, New Minal Residency, J.K. Road, Bhopal
6. Shri Jagdeesh Prasad Malviya Treasurer Retd. BHEL 9424411415 124/9 B Saket Nagar, Bhopal Pin- 462024
7. Shri Ramesh Kumar Maheshwari Joint Secretary Busindessman 9425005394 E-3/101, Arera Colony Bhopal,  Pin- 462024
8. Shri Harbhajan Shivhare Member Businessman 9425017368 E8/21, Bharat Nagar, Arera Colony,  Bhopal
9. Shri Laxmendra Maheshwari Member Businessman 9229314030 E1/186 Arera Colony Bhopal
10. Shri Shriprakash Lohiya Member Doctor 8889165517 Janak Hospital Jinsi Raod Lashkar Gwalior
11. Shri Inder Sahota Member Businessman 8120333343 HIG-23, Gautam Nagar, Bhopal
12. Shri Rajendra Shingwekar Member Retd. from SBI Bank 9425011585 E-3/193, Arera Colony, Bhopal- 462016
13. Shri Bhalchandra Vishnu Khandekar Member Social Worker 9425649346 1 Rishi Parisar, Vaishali Nagar, Bhopal











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