Social Security

Sewa Bharati has undertaken programs for three sections of community needing assistance – Abandoned infants, Senior citizens and special need children.

Sewa Bharti, Matruchhaya- The most prominent humane programme of Sewa Bharti is “Matruchhaya”. Matruchhaya is abode for the abandoned children of age group 0-6 years. People leave babies (even 2-3 days old) in the cradle kept outside the home (Matruchhaya), ring the bell and disappear. In some cases abandoned children are brought by a third party or Police or Maternity homes and Hospitals. All such children get the mother’s care (Matruchhaya) of the foster mothers till they are adopted by eligible childless couples.

A committee of three Sewa Bharti workers is responsible for selecting the couples, following the guidelines strictly. The committee to assess their financial capabilities, health background and social aspect, interviews couples. This committee also assesses the opinion of parents and relatives of the couple by an informal method regarding the decision of adoption of the couple. Actual adoption is carried out with strict observance of rules and regulations with due permission from Government authorities and Courts.

Bhopal center was started in 1997. Gwalior and Betul centres was started in the year 2014-15.

Sewa Bharti Anand Dham is a made for services of senior citizens in the centre of Bhopal. In this centre arrangement for their accommodation has been made. Anand Dham is a equivalent to Indian culture and Darshan so that the person is residing in Anand Dham their life circle makes them beautiful and happy. Here all creed and cast old person welcome. Anand Dham is a project to give senior citizen good health, good food centres of better facilities. Here they can be good for social looking to their self rules. After consultation with senior citizen the family person are agree to take them their houses with honor. There are 20 male and 20 female senior citizen are residing in the residential part.

Till date 30 senior citizen have been taken to their family members. At present there are 17 male and 9 female senior citizen are residing. In anand dham there is arrange for hostility and library. Nerotherapy and Physiotherapy health centre are also woking in Anand Dham.


S.No. Name of Centre Project Place
1 Bhajan Mandli 176 Bhopal, Gairatganj, Gwlaior (114+60+2)
2 Nivedita Bharti 145 Bhopal, Gairatganj (110+35)
3 Home for abandoned children (Matruchhaya) 3 Bhopal, Gwalior, Betul
4 Kishore Bharti 18 Bhopal
5 Anand Dham (Home for Aged People – Male and Female) 1 Bhopal
6 Milk Warm Centre 5 Gwalior, Morena, Bhind, Datia, Chanderi
7 Food Distribution Centre 2 Guna, Bhind
8 Blankets Distribution Centre 4 Gwalior, Bhind, Morena, Datia
9 Anganwadi Centre 180 Gairatganj




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