Social Security

Sewa Bharti Mahila Mandal was formulated in 2003. Firstly only 4-6 ladies went in the batis to contact the ladies of Bastis then they started for the programme. Sewa Bharti Mahila Mandal is taking part in Sewa, Sanskar, Samrasta on this principles. Mahila Mandal increased successfully by Sewa. Today it is taking active part in Sewa Bharti project and not only by physically but through finance and other portion. In Sewa Bastis some sisters make different programmes and helps in such as Bhajan Mandli, Self help group, Kanya Poojan, Nivedita Bharti, Balwadi and stiching centre.

Mahila Mandal makes arrangement in Matruchhaya’s programmes such as Namkaran, Karnachhedan, Yashoda Samman, Nari Shakti Samman, Sankranti Festival and Janmashtmi programme and take full responsibility to organize this programme.

Mahila Mandal participate in Anand Dham in religious programmes. They meet with old peoples (Senior Citizens) and takes foods with them. They also hear with them stories of their old years. They also take part in brining materials for old peoples. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Sawan festival and other programme with the old persons to bring happy in the Anand Dham.

Mahila Mandal also take active part and present in Gandhi Jayanti programme at Disabled Boys Hostel Gandhi Nagar every year.  They also take part in making physical fitness of every child of the hostel.

The Mahila Mandal of the Sewa Bharti also take part in different programme of Nirmala Sagdeva Chhatrawas & Sewa Vidya Mandir in camp of Yoga, Plantation, Gurupurnima, Basant festival, Annual function. They also give uniform, stationery, fees, library, computer coaching and also health camps organized by Sewa Bharti and also participate in cultural programme such as Medhavi Chhatra-Chhatraa Samman, Raksha Bandhan, Teacher day, Independence day, Republic day and on the occasion of birthday program or the childrens. They also give coaching to the students time to time.

Mahila mandal gives saving box to the different karyakatas who brings every year know as gullak filled by them and the amount so collected is given to the students of Sewa Vidya Mandir which is used in their fees and the students to purchase books for them.

At present 80 no. of mahila karyakartas are working in the mandal.

Smt. Kusum Singh- Mahila Mandal Sanyojika 

S.No. Name of Programme Place and project No. of Beneficiaries
1 Bhajan Mandli Bhopal 300
2 Medhavi Chhatra-Chhatraa Samman Bhopal 250
3 Namkaran, Karna Chhedan Programme Bhopal Matruchhaya 300
4 Deewali Milan Samaroh Anand Dham, Bhopal 450
5 Training Camps Anand Dham, Bhopal 220







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