Sewa Vidya Mandir, Bhopal


Education is the key of innumerable questions. Understanding that importance of education, 'Pran Baldev Bhandari Sewa Vidya Mandir' was established in 2000 in the Govindpura, ​​Bhopal by 'Sewa Bharti'.In addition to serve the slum, this school was conceptualized with the objective of providing value based education to the children of disadvantaged sections. Sewa Vidya Mandir is committed to create a social harmony in our society.

Nowdays, Every section of society wants to discharge its obligations in the upliftment of the Nation. so,each one today wants to receive rites of education at a lower tuition fee. The 'Pran Baldev Bhandari Sewa Vidya Mandir' is ready as a torch of education among the deprived sections of the society who are surrounded by the darkness of illiteracy.

An Objective-

'Pran Baldev Bhandari Sewa Vidya Mandir' aims at awakening the latent consciousness of students and incorporating their inner thoughts and virtues, reinforcing the spirit of Indian culture and nationality in them and inspiring their intellectual and moral abilities to dedicate themselves faithfully in every sphere of nation upliftment.

Unique and Exemplary Session-

In an educational journey of almost two decades, 'Pran Baldev Bhandari Sewa Vidya Mandir' has created a decent and cultured environment. Cultural programs are organized here from time to time to awaken the feeling of nation and culture in the education of students.

starting the session with Arun Uday to learn about alphabetic knowledge of children, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, the auspicious resolution and havan-puja, teachers hold hands and write ॐ. After this unique and exemplary process, a new session begins.

Academic session-

In the current session 2019-20, the school has a total of 403 students. Out of this, there are 230 boys and 173 girls from different classes. The principal and 20 teachers are there to include value-based education among the students. Due to the proper and valuable guidance of these teachers and the School Management Committee, this project of Sewa Bharti is illuminating at the pinnacle of progress in the past 19 years. By instilling a sense of service, culture, harmony, and morality through education this school plays a role like 'Shantiniketan'. Sewa Vidya Mandir', celebrates all major Indian Festivals with joy. Festivals like Gurpurnima, Rakshabandhan, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Deepotsav, Holi Milan, Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, Makar Sankranti, Vasant Panchami, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gudi Padwa, etc. are celebrated with Affinity and joy.

Achievements and Features -

  • The only school where 85% admission is given to slum children.
  • The scholarship is given to talented students with merit place.
  • From the beginning of school, the board-result of the students has been 100%.
  • National level active participation in sports and cultural activities.
  • Such unique school of Sewa Bharti where education as well as conducting various vocational courses - providing priority training in computer DCA, CCA, screen printing, typing, sewing - embroidery, driving, etc.
  • From time to time, a program of awareness about environmental protection, environmental protection campaign is launched.
  • Health benefits by regular health check-up of students and medical camp from time to time.

'Sewa Bharti', an social organization is dedicated to society and the nation, conducts many activities from time to time to ensure proper development of students here and their participation in Nation growth. Students also get many facilities for performing this pious work.


  • Grand and spacious school building
  • Large school campus with 580 trees and gardens.
  • 70% seats reserved for girl students in admission
  • Organized and large study hall
  • A library full of informative books
  • Compulsory computer education for each class
  • Music dance and cultural programs
  • Meditation Yoga and Physical Exercise
  • mandatory sightseeing

This Hindi medium school is not just a building surrounded by walls, but this school creates strong pillar for the future of the society, the school is a symbol of  'Students Vykti Nirman'. By incorporating virtues in the students this school is discharging its responsibilities in the development of the society and the upliftment of the nation, ' Sewa Bharti Pran Baldev Bhandari Sewa Vidya Mandir' is reinforcing the sense of service, culture, and harmony in the society. By imbibing the 'Charaiveti Charaiveti' as the basic mantra, this school association of 'Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat' is discharging its responsibilities in building a well-educated and civilized society with the inspiration of Nation and society support.