Sewa Bharti Pushplata Computer Training Centre, Bhopal

Skill Development

Sewa Bharti Pushplata Computer Training Center, Bhopal Was started in 2000. The objective was clear, to provide skillful computer training to the boys and girls of 'Sewa Basti'.

The Pushpalata Training Center currently offers courses like computer typing, DCA, CPCT, and PGDCA. The training center is regularly running from 10 am to 6 pm, Mrs. Saroj Sharma trains 2 hours per student.

An objective -

Although this training center was started with less resources but the purpose and vision was clear - to provide computer training to the students of 'Sewa Basti' at a very low fee.

The current phase of global world is of the information and telecommunications revolution. In this era, all the eco systems are technology based and all the procedures are conducted with the help of computer. Understanding this importance of computer and technology, Sewa Bharati Madhya Bharat operates Computer training centres to economically poor youth.

Training of computer operation to the boys and girls of 'Sewa Basti' at a very low fee, their overall development are done. So that they can be made eligible for 'Rashtra Nirman' by connecting them technically with the mainstream of society. In this training center of Sewa Bharti, along with computer training, guidance regarding rites, current environment and employment information is also received from time to time.

Achievements -

More than 1200 youth have been trained in the Sewa Bharti Pushpalata Computer Training Center. Out of these youth, 450 are employed in private institutions while more than 10 youth have started their own business. Out of this organization run by Sewa Bharti, 5 youth are giving government services.

The 'Sewa Bharti Pushpalata Training Center' receives complete guidance of the Divisional Executive. Today this training center is fulfilling the dreams of the youth, and is committed to their overall development.