Vanwasi Residential High School, Dabra


A residential school was set up in the year 2003 in Tehsil Dabra of District Gwalior for socio-economic development of the children of Sahariya tribe residing in Gwalior Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh. This school started under the guidance of the late Shri Vishnu Kumar Ji, a senior pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, then this school was operated from a rented building with 25 children. But as the upcoming result of school and rising expectations of the society, it was expanded to high school and started to operate from its own building in the year 2010. All-round development of students of Vanvasi Samaj started due to higher education of the school.

By the year 2019, 483 students have studied in the residential school Dabra. The school has a glorious presence in 46 village centers and 6 block of 4 districts, from these remote areas 116 students are currently  getting education by staying in this hostel.                          

                                                                                   Locationwise Data in current session

Session Number of Student's FromTotal Village's FromTotal Block From District's Province
2021-22 116 46 06 04 01


- Efforts of Sewa Bharti and Saharia Tribe

The Saharia is a forest-dwelling tribe for thousands of years. In Persian, the forest is called Sahara, so they were called Sahariya.The population of Sahariya tribe in Madhya Pradesh is about five lakhs, out of which a population of four lakhs resides in Gwalior Chambal division. In the year 2010, the literacy rate of Sahariya tribe was 28%, with tenth pass being 1.8 and undergraduate 0.5%, but Now the literacy rate of this society is around 54% and the number of students passing the tenth class in each village center is 5 to 10. In this way, we get to see the number of 12th pass students 3 to 5 and the number of graduate students 2 to 4 o each village, which is the proggresive result of Sewa Bharti's educational institutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ClassWise Number of students in Last three years



6th Class 7th Class 8th Class 9th Class 10th Class Intermediate Total
2017-18 32 42 28 28 23 16 169
2018-19 27 28 42 27 27 33 184
2019-20 35 31 27 37 24 00 154

- Facilities In Residential High school

  • School Campus with positive environment.
  • Library full of enlightening books.
  • Decorated Lab. 
  • Educational facilities avail for Computer and Internet.
  • A big play ground for Outdoor Games.


- Students passed first position in Gwalior district in Tribal category in High School Board Examination

The result of Sewa Bharti Dabra students in the Madhya Pradesh Board Examination is 100 percent. One of the student of Vanwasi Residential High School, Dabra got first position in the Board Examination in Gwalior district and Honoured by the Chief Minister and the Governor of MP.

Some Data of Student's Passed out Board Exam

Session Name of The Student Percentage of Marks
2014-15 Bhan Singh 79.01
2015-16 Rajkumar 81.02
2016-17 Rohit Kumar 90.05
2018-19 Pahar Singh 81.06
2019-20 Vishal  81.02






 - Employment achievements

We are providing value based education to the students of this residential school and this education is also employment oriented. The youth passed out from school and studied from this hostel are offering their services in various fields today.

  Serving In Department   Number of Student's
Commerce Tax Department 12
Paramedical status 02
Education Department  10
Protector  07
Municipality 01
SF Police  02
Serving in Hostel 02
Other private institutions 30


The participation of students of Sewa Bharti Dabra has also been excellent in various sports in which one or two students are selected for the Madhya Pradesh team every year in the baseball game. Sonu Kumar, a hostel student, got selected in the Indian team in 2016 and played in Adelaide, Australia. It is also a matter of pride 'Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat' including Dabra Nagar. 

- Future plans and challenges

  • An institute is required in the Gwalior district for the education of girls.
  • The students who have studied in the hostel and Passed out fro here, to arrange their lodging and financial aid for For further higher education.
  • To set up a counseling center for Passed Student's.
  • To Start a Sewa Kendra in Dabra region through Sewa Bharti
  • Intensify efforts to make Sewa Bharti alumni the donors of Sewa Bharti
  • Encouraging the students to attempt for first and second class posts in government services. 
  • Encouraging students to establish social leadership at village centers. 
  • With the guidance of students, to make their villages addiction-free villages.
  • With the guidance of students, estable a cultural environment.