Bhopal Health Projects


We Provide Many Healthcare Facilities in Bhopal as,

1- Mobile Medical Van Bhopal- For the last 5 years, the health test of 150 patients and distribution of free medicines has being done daily through the mobile hospital in three service settlements of the city.

2- Weekly Health Camp- Free health camp is organized every Sunday in the 'Sewa Basti' of Bhopal metropolis. In this camp, the city's well-known ophthalmologist, nose, ear and throat specialist, oral and dental specialist, cancer specialist, cardiologist, orthopedic specialist, woman and obstetrician provide their services as well as pathology facilities available. 50-55 camps are organized every year. The number of beneficiaries in each camp is above 250. After checkup the eye by eye specialists, operations of free cataracts are done in government / private hospitals, there are more than 125 operations per year.

3- Sewa Bharti Maa Annapurna Meal Service Center and Medical Assistance Equipment Bank -Sewa Bharti has provided free food to patients and their families at the Government Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital, Bhopal for the last 4 years. Everyday, 300 to 350 people are given food, as well as medical equipments are also provided to the patients there. It costs about 4 to 5 thousand rupees per day in this service work.

4-Blood donation camp- Blood donation camps are organized at metropolitan level in which the number of blood donors is above 200, this blood is deposited in government hospital.

5-Blood group test camp and blood donor list - Blood group test camp is conducted twice a year and a blood donor list is made and blood is made available as per requirement.

6-Netradan and Dehdaan Shivir- On the occasion of the death anniversary of Vishnu Ji, the founder of Sewa Bharati (date-25 May) and the foundation day of Seva Bharati( 09 October), eye donation and body donation camps are organised, the forms are fill up and deposited in government hospitals.

7-Sanitary Napkin Distribution- With the help of the sisters of Seva Bharti Mahanagar Mahila Mandal, the method of using sanitary napkins, distributing and destroying is taught through short films. These all works are done for the women living in Sewa Basti. So far more than 10,000 women have taken advantage.

8-Neurotherapy and Physiotherapy therapy- Centers of Neurotherapy and Physiotherapy are being operated since 2013 by Sewa Bharti (Madhya Bharat) Bhopal as alternative therapy. Every year, 250 patients women / men are being treated in Neurotherapy and 110 women / men in Physiotherapy. 350 patients are treated free of cost in the camp organized every year at these centers operating in the "Ananddham" campus.

9-Homeopathy Center- Treatment is done for the elderly people living in the Varisth Jan Suvidha Kendra and the citizens living in the vicinity of the campus (about 6 km). About 550 patients have already benefited.

10-Aasha Training Program- This project has been started in two blocks Phanda and Berasia of Bhopal district from 2014-15. In this training, about 600 Asha workers of Berasia and 650 Asha workers are being given quality training service every year by India. Asha workers of about 580 villages and 85 wards of both these blocks have become trained and proficient in their work. Due to this, there has been a decrease in male mortality and the number of malnourished children.