Gwalior Health Projects


1. Mobile Hospital Gwalior- Through the Mobile Medical vehicle, more than 200 persons are tested Chechkup daily in urban service settlements and rural areas and dispensing free medicines. Specialist doctors are giving their free services in this vehicle.

2. Hospital Gwalior- In Gwalior city, the hospital is being operated at minimum cost for villagers and the lower class people. All facilities are available in this hospital like general ward, private ward, pathology, operation theater etc. Currently 120 beds are being operated. OPD In the future, 300 patients are taking benefit, in future there is a plan to make this hospital 200 beds.

3. Pathology Center Gwalior-  About 150 people are taking benefits every day.

4. Milk Warm and Blanket Distribution Center-  Sewa Bharti operates these centers free of cost in Gwalior district. Through these centers, very convenient arrangements are being made for people coming from rural areas. About 250 beneficiaries are taking benefits every day.

5. Patient Assistance Center- For the patients coming to the city hospitals from the village, they can get the correct information about the hospitals and doctors, for this, 3 in Gwalior, 2 in Morena, 1 in Datia, 1 in Guna, 1 in Ashok Nagar and Shivpuri has 2 patient support asistance centres.