Health Projects In Rural Area


Health care in forest areas

It is said that India lives in villages, this statement is also correct because 60 percent of the total population of India lives in rural areas.
If our country is to be taken towards development, then the villages will have to be developed and every village will have to strive to raise the level of education, health and self-reliance. Keeping this goal in mind, Sewa Bharti (Madhya Bharat) has started medical services through 'Sewa Basti' and mobile hospitals in rural forest areas.

Madhya Pradesh Goverment was impressed by the efforts in health care of Sewa Bharti madhya Bharat. The  level of medical facilities started by Sewa Bharti and efforts made Positives changes in the health of common people. The government has taken this program forward and started services through mobile hospital in 128 (tribal) Vanvasi block of Madhya Pradesh.

Out of these 128 forest dwellers, Seva Bharati started health services in all the blocks (development blocks) of Mandla, Betul, Sheopur, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Khargone and Barwani districts.

ECG for patients in these hospitals Machines, oxygen cylinders, nebulizers, glucometers, thermometers and pathology services were available.

Along with the running of its projects, the service has also continued to cooperate in the governance work. Sewa Bharti fully supported theNational campaigns, such as pulse polio, institutional deliveries, national employment elimination programs, child health testing, Medical delivery programs.

Similarly, in case of serious patient, accident or delivery of the city or rural area, person is given priority access to the health center on the basis of humanitarianism.