Corona Relief Work

Disaster Relief

A long period of global disaster have passed away. When India was facing a challenge during the transitional phase of Corona, the volunteers of Sewa Bharti pledged to serve nation. The volunteers of Sewa Bharti provided relief material, dry food packets, ration items, medicines and all the things needed to the common man without worrying about day and night. The whole society is ours, and it is our Dharma to serve them. This work was done with such a sense. The Sewa Service was done on such a large scale that, now Sewa Bharti service work has become a world record. 

When the Prime Minister of the Nation Shri Narendra Modi announced the lockdown, the volunteers of Sewa Bharti was gone Pro Active and taken up the task of providing relief, food and medicines to the common citizens. As we know, There is a large section of such community in our society that whos work daily, earn daily and nourishes its own and its family. In such a difficult time, their livelihood and the problem of food had arisen. Whether they are migrant laborers or students in large numbers, they cannot go home. The problem of living in front of them had arisen. Such sections of society needed adequate arrangements of food and accomodation with a sense of affinity to maintain their morale. Sewa Bharti did a wonderful job of service by treating the whole of India as a family, treating society as a member of our own family. This service could be done only with human sentiments, it was demonstrated by the workers of Sewa Bharti.

The Volunteers of Sewa Bharti distributed around 44,87,000 food packets to the migrating laborers during the lockdown on various highways of the country and also distributed more than 1.5 lakh medical kits to the needy. The service of the people on such a large scale was well appreciated by the common people of the country, it was also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Service work in Madhya Bharat Prant -

Volunteers of Sewa Bharati Madhya Bharat had played the role of 'Sankat Mochan' in the lockdown. During the Corona period, Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat serves the society at 2244 places. 15072 volunteers were directly serving the society.

About 221582 families benefited from ]Sewa Bharti. Many Centers were made to provide dry food to the people from where 154,107 dry ration packets were distributed. For the safety of the people, all the rules were followed and 197662 masks and 42004 sanitizers were distributed. The decoction was distributed to about 69954 people to prevent corona infection. 5201 warriors of the leading line of the Corona period were honored and assistance was extended to 2628 nomadic castes.

In the Corona era, when the terrible conditions engulfed the society, the volunteers of Sewa Bharati were doing service in the society like a warrior. It was a privilege of Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat that Bhopal was the center of the provincial organization minister Shri Ramendra ji. Under his skillful leadership and guidance, many problems were identified to fight Kovid 19, an action plan was made to solve the problems and it was implemented at the ground level.

More than 20 centers were organised in Bhopal and adequate quantity of dry rations, food packets and medicines were stored there. the appropriate locations were identified for distribution. We made such an Information eco system that before the material ended, we provided such a service smoothly.

Adequate food items were made available in13 centers of Gwalior. Stocks of dry foods, soaps, sanitizers and medicines were provided. Here too, the workers on the survey team identified the 'Sewa Basti' and provided them all the basic facilities. All precautions were taken in the distribution of materials, so that the people could reach their needs and also to protect them with Noval Corona Virus.

Ration distribution work in 'Sewa Basti'- Firstly, there were made a proper arrangements to provide food to the people with the help of society. Surveys were conducted in the areas where food items were needed. Packets of five kilos of flour, one kilo of pulses, one kilo of rice, salt, oil and spices were prepared for this, so that no anyone should be hungry and thirst in the Sewa Basti. Packets of such dry ingredients were distributed in the Sewa Basti's of of Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat Prant.

Work for students and expatriates - For migrant students, workers, this time was the same as the calamity. Those who had left cities for their hometown, village, province, had a serious problem on their family. There were no food stall open on the way and in any city. They were Hungry and thirsty too.

Sewa Bharti made food for such people at their centers. Food packets and water arrangements were prepared and distributed carefully for mass distribution. In this time of calamity, when the people wanted to become limited and secure themselves, the Volunteers of Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat province were constantly engaged in food manufacturing and distribution work to satisfy the hunger of such helpless people.

Mask manufacturing and distribution work - In the defenseive situation of Kovid-19, Only mask and Social distansing were only a weapon to protect others from infection. Sewa Bharti's sewing centers played a big role on that time. large number of masks were made by the sewing center. Masks manufactured at Sewa Bharti Sewing Centers were distributed free of cost to the common people. this played a big role in preventing Kovid-19 infection.

Community hygiene work - Understanding the importance of keeping hands clean in the prevention of corona infection, sanitizer, mask, gloves and soaps were distributed. Many Positives steps were also taken to convey the importance of cleanliness to the common man. Sewa Bharti Volunteers tried to explain the importance of regular hand washing to the public through small video clips.

Gau Sewa - There is an immense reverence for Gau Mata in the Hindu Culture. To ensure that no Gau Mata should be hungry, the volunteers used their own vehicles to collect green fodder from the rural areas. After this, the volunteers did the work of transporting green fodder to the Gau Mata through cart, motorcycle, e-rickshaw or cycle etc. This service shows a feeling of compassion towards every living being.

Work for daily laborers - Raw food materials were provided to 750 brick kiln laborers and daily wage laborers families in Adampur Cantonment, Bhopal. They were tested and were trained about precautions and preventing to Kovid-19.

Shelter Work - Due to the cancellation of trains in covid period, some families stayed at the stations. Such families were provided shelter, food and milk for their childs. One such family, Manish Kumar Mishra ji, who could not go to his home Jharkhand due to the closure of the railway and got stuck at Gwalior station. Arrangements were made for his family to stay at Baldev Raj Tuli Sewa Bharti Hostel, Gwalior. His family was taken care of in every way and his needs were met.

Respect for the Corona warriors - The Volunteers of Sewa Bharti, including doctors, sweepers, health workers, policemen were engaged in the service of humanity. To maintain their morale, they were honored by the volunteers of Sewa Bharti.

The service work of Sewa Bharti was done in 16 districts of Madhya Pradesh and in 13 districts through the Services Department. In the public service, Sewa Bharti elevated the religion, caste and creed and considered the Nar Sewa to Narayan Sewa, and extended assistance to every needy in the society.