Sewa Bharti Tribal Hostel 'Kedardham', Gwalior


Sewa Bharti Sarla Vinod Prakash Tribal Excellence Hostel, Gwalior was established in 2000 with a total of 27 Tribal Students. The construction work of this hostel of Sewa Bharti was done as per the wishes of Shri Vishnu Kumar ji. The new building 'Kedardham' of the hostel was inaugurated on 18 August 2002 by Honorable Ashok Singhal.

The Tribal hostel has 56 rooms fully equipped and organized for 150 students.

Objective Overview -

To Provide education for the meritorious students of Tribal Community.

Make them proficient for administrative and higher posts.

Ensuring their role in upliftment of Tribal Society.

To make them aware of  vicious cycle of conversion through Education.

Achievements -

So far,

271 students have been prepared for higher education through this hostel.
18 students are currently working as Gazetted Officers
7 students are serving in other government service
2 Students working as Social worker.

This hostel of Sewa Bharti is making rituals society through their Education service. It has students from about 82 places like Madhya Bharat, Mahakaushal, Malwa, Chhattisgarh and Nepal.