Yog Kendra


Spirituality is Journey to inner being. Yes, It can make life beautiful, pleasant and fulfilling the joy and happiness. In A modern busy lifestyle where everyone is trying to do well in every sphere of life. Often this lifestyle leads to various health problems, whether it is mental or physical problems. However, it is important to keep in mind that our main objective in life is to find happiness. As we know, A drop of Infinite love of god is found in human beings, due to which we are united with them and the whole society. but due to any Circumstances, we get frustrated and that we continue to find pleasure in earthly bonds. Spirituality means Knowing, believing and seeing in the inner being. That is knowing about Oneself or being self aware. In view of this importance of spirituality in human life, many efforts are being made by Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat. Spritual Centres like Yog Kendra's are being run in Madhya Bharat prant by Sewa Bharti. there are such 6 Yog Kendra run by Sewa Bharti in Mahanagar Bhopal and 2 in Gwalior. 

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