Skill Development

We provide skill-building opportunities from grass root level to make self-reliance society. The Wave of Youth Society Moves Forward, Towards 'Aatmnirbhar Bharat.'


Girls and boys from economically backward backgrounds are caught in the cycle of poverty… due to lack of diverse, market-responsive education and skill-building opportunities, the unskilled youth face the brunt of unemployment. Sewa Bharti conducts many skillful projects for instilling self confidence in such youths. Sewa Bharti believes that a person's dependence on another becomes the cause of his slavery. A person cannot live his life's dreams by relying on another, so it is said - "Subdued dreams are not happiness." In fact, self-sufficiency motivates a person to become independent. In a state of self-sufficiency, a person is able to fulfill his desires at his convenience. Sewa Bharti operates many skill building & Training programs across the Madhya Bharat region, and supports the boys, girls, women & men from root level to self reliance. Sewa Bharti in its humble way has started imparting training for Computer MS Office & Practical computer training program, training for Garment Stitching, Electric Light Making (jhalar), Rakhi making, laddu making, Ganesh Idol making and many more projects for self reliance of urban, rural & tribal residents. These skill development program make them Self Reliant.

Different programme Run by sewa bharti for Skill Development